How To Generate Magento API Keys ?

To enable the integration and functionality of the CRO Social Proof feature in your Magento store, we kindly request your assistance in creating specific API Keys. Once these API Keys are generated, kindly share them with us via email at [email protected].

Rest assured, our team will handle the integration process from our end promptly and efficiently. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to ensure a seamless integration experience for you.

Please follow below instructions to get the API Keys

  • Login to magento admin
  • Navigate to Stores -> Configuration
  • Navigate to Services -> OAuth (From left menu)
  • Under Consumer Settings, Select “Yes” for “Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens” -> Click on “Save Config”.

Generate Access Token

  • Login to magento admin
  • Navigate to System -> Integrations -> Add New Integration
  • Type “CRO App” as the Name of integration
  • Type your magento admin password in Current User Identity Verification -> Your Password
  • Navigate to API tab
  • Please make sure the following are selected under the API Tab.
    • Sales > Operations > Orders > Actions > View.
    • All checkboxes under Catalog.
    • All checkboxes under Customers.
    • Stores > Settings > All Stores.
    • Stores > Settings > Configuration > Inventory Section.
    • Stores > Attributes > Product.
    • Stores > Attributes > Attribute Set.
  • Click Save to save your changes and return to the Integrations page
  • Click the Activate link in the grid that corresponds to the newly-created integration.
  • Click Allow.
  • In the next screen, you will get some keys , copy all the keys and send it to [email protected].
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